Welcome to our local air cadets business blog. Air cadets do much more than simply train for a career in the RAF or as pilots, they also serve the local community in which they operate through various fund raising and promotional events. This blog is dedicated to talking about local businesses and sponsors.

Local skip hire Lincoln and skip hire derby companies help their communities

Since 2008 community funds have been severely reduced and the gap in funding has fallen on local companies from all ranges of the spectrum. Local skip hire Derby companies for example have pitched in in an attempt to support local organisations and clubs who would otherwise be struggling. Skip Hire companies have seen their share of tough times too though, when the recession hit, building projects ground to a halt too meaning that less and less people wanted to rent skips in most areas of the country. So for a skip hire Lincoln company for example to sponsor a local club such as the air cadets, takes a lot of commitment and resolve.

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How skip hire lincoln companies are playing their part in the local community

There are a variety of ways that skip hire Lincoln companies can help out in their communities. Many youth organisatons in particular such as the air cadets are really struggling to keep their doors open due to a lack of funding. Increasingly though they are opting to approach local businesses and exchange product placement for money, essentially acting as advertisers for local companies. This is an approach that has proven to be win win, the clubs get funding and the skip hiring businesses themselves get to make a positive difference and gain advertising in the process too. Skip Hire Derby companies in particular have seen a big boost from this approach. After speaking to one skip hiring company owner, we discovered that sales had increased over 20% since they started advertising in local clubs and societies.

West Mercian Wing – Locksmith Northampton Lend a helping hand to air cadets

We have found that local businesses offer sponsorship to air cadets for a variety of reasons from looking to gain advertising to tax reasons but occasionally some businesses owners such as some locksmith northampton services providers, really have a passion for the cadets. Some owners themselves will naturally have attended these sorts of clubs when they were younger, much like myself and it is these types of people who offer locksmith services in places like Northampton who recognise the very positive impact that these clubs have on kids.

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Gaining funding and support from locksmith Northampton

It’s not just funding and support that companies like Locksmiths can offer either, many people and employees choose to give up their time too. This sort of volunteering can come in many forms, whether it’s providing transportation for excursions or offering locksmith Northampton services to the club and it’s members in general, often at reduced prices.